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Frequently Asked Questions

Journal Prep Services is a Canadian company that has been providing publication and research support services
for over a decade.

Journal Prep Services supports academic researchers, not-for-profit organizations, corporations, and other clients and institutions across many fields and disciplines!

We understand that you - our clients - deserve to spend your valuable time planning, implementing, and writing about your research. We are committed to helping you by taking care of some of your most time-consuming, detail-oriented processes, so you can more quickly share your exciting research results!

As a note, we do not provide support services for student projects or assignments, as we believe in promoting and maintaining academic integrity.

No. Journal Prep Services does not sell your information to others or to third-party services. We will only ever use your contact information to notify you about your specific job request, to answer your questions (through email or our online chat platform), or to periodically let you know about our promotions. We do not send regular advertisements and we keep our emails to a minimum because you have more important things to do!

We currently accept payment via PayPal and most major credit cards (through PayPal). You do not need a PayPal account to complete the payment process; you can check out as a guest. Some clients process payments through bank transfers.
If you live in Canada, we can also accept e-transfers.

As much as we would love to guarantee that your work will be automatically published without revisions, we cannot make that promise. There are so many factors that affect reviewers' decisions to accept a manuscript for publication. A manuscript might be rejected for many reasons, some of which include:

* Inappropriate topic choice for the journal
* The article does not meet the journal's standards 
* There are questions about the study's methodological rigour
* There are signs that the article has been plagiarized,
in whole or in part

Sometimes, manuscripts might even get rejected for writing quality, even after the manuscript has been edited by an English-language editing company. This can happen if the client has not responded to the comments/questions left by
Journal Prep Services, if the client only accepts some edits,
or if entire sections in the manuscript are rewritten or reorganized and have not been reviewed by
the editing company. 

To prevent this, Journal Prep Services will offer a one-time, complimentary review of your manuscript just prior to submission.

We will honour this final (free) review if:

1. This manuscript was edited by Journal Prep Services no more than three (3) months before requesting this free review; AND
2. There is evidence that your manuscript (or parts of it) has not been significantly altered by your team since being edited by Journal Prep Services. 

For more questions about this service, please email us.

To get your invoice or editing certificate,
please email us with the following details:

Client name, institution (if applicable), address, email address, and Journal Prep Services job number.

Editing Certificates:
Client name, Journal Prep Services job number.

We thank you for your interest!
At this time, Journal Prep Services is not accepting
employment applications.

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