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In our mission to accelerate academic publication, we here at Journal Prep are always looking for resources that benefit researchers, scientists and academics worldwide.  In keeping with this mission, the JP team is excited to profile our latest entry into our Featured Resource series:!

A Social Media Platform for Academics is an online social network for academics to share papers, monitor their impact, and follow research and researchers in a particular field.  Its stated mission is to accelerate the world’s research… and that’s a mission we believe in here at Journal Prep!

Founded in 2008 to provide a better way to share research, has grown into a community of nearly 2,000,000 registered academics with 3.9 million unique visitors per month, sharing well over a million papers spanning hundreds of thousands of research interests.

Fast, Easy Access Through Connections & Analytics allows registered users to create personal profiles that are linked to universities and specific research interests, enabling them to search and follow other individual academics, specific research interests, and universities. The site displays these links in a tree format, connecting them to their departmental or university affiliation, research papers, fields of interest and researchers they follow.  This tree format also enables the site to provide its users with updates relevant to their research.

But what makes this academic social network really stand out is its deep analytics around the impact of its users’ research. also provides users with an analytics dashboard where they can track where and how many times their papers are read in addition to tracking the research of the academics they follow.  These analytics help academics track and understand how their work is being distributed and read so the impact of one’s research is available in real-time stats.  So, in addition to having easy access to other academics’ research, users also have easy access to data that highlights the impact of their own work.

Accelerating Research

The best way to learn how eases access to papers and accelerates academic research is to visit, enter a search query based on a person, field of interest, or academic institution and start researching!  There’s good reason behind the substantial growth the site has seen since its inception four years ago and we encourage academics to get online and start using as an essential addition to your researcher’s toolkit!


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