1DegreeBio: A Great Addition to the Researcher’s Toolkit

As always, the Journal Prep team has been out there looking for the best resources to benefit researchers and academia at large.  In this installment of our Featured Resources we take a look at 1DegreeBio (www.1degreebio.org), an unbiased antibody review service and database for researchers looking to use specific reagents and for companies looking to list and link their products.

What is 1DegreeBio?

1DegreeBio is an independent online resource listing academic and commercially available antibodies. In addition to its community ratings and unbiased user review service for researchers looking for the right antibodies for their research, 1DegreeBio’s database includes information such as product information, quality validation data, and citation history.

1DegreeBio’s international scientific community is comprised of decision makers looking for information on leading antibody products and includes universities in Canada, Australia, and everywhere in between, as well as the companies supplying these products for direct purchase.

The fastest way to find top quality antibodies, the database includes thousands of user reviews, over 800,000 searchable products, and catalogues from more than 160 suppliers.

In their own words, 1DegreeBio’s stated goals are to:

  • Provide a platform for researchers to connect with high quality antibody products and their suppliers;
  • Establish a vehicle for academic labs to share their in-house developed reagents with the greater scientific community;
  • Create a mechanism to establish much-needed quality standards within the antibody industry;
  • Build the first comprehensive listing of commercial and academic antibody providers and products


Commitment to benefiting the scientific community and making research easier is what Journal Prep is all about, so we are always eager to share with the academic community resources that do just that.  Since 1DegreeBio also aims to do the same thing, we are happy to share the details…


Membership to 1DegreeBio is free and enables users to save searches and favourite products, follow targets, create purchase orders, comment on other reviews, contact other community members through their Biomessenger service, review products and get rewards.

Wait… get rewards?

That’s right. Reviewing products for 1DegreeBio will reap you rewards that include gift certificates for Amazon, Starbucks, Tim Horton’s, iTunes, the Apple Store, and other preferred procrastination and productivity product providers.


The Features of 1DegreeBio’s service includes the ability to search by catalogue number, clone ID, company name, protein/gene name, or any combination thereof.  Then 1DegreeBio will find and list what is available and from which suppliers, based on product quality ranked according to user reviews, publication references, citation history, and company and peer sourced validation data.  When you find the best product for your research, you can save it, email it as a purchase order, or go directly to the supplier’s website for instant purchase.  Users can then share their experiences with the scientific community by submitting antibody reviews, for which they will earn points for the reward program.

Reviews take only minutes to write and you can choose to donate your rewards to a listed charitable partner.


Membership is free for researchers to search, review, connect, and share on 1DegreeBio but on the supplier side, in addition to the free listing of a company’s antibody product offering, there is a paid upgrade option to include direct links to their sites for immediate purchase and other premium benefits.


At Journal Prep, we are committed to bringing academics together, improving your research, and making your life easier through our services and recommended research tools, such as 1DegreeBio.


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